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Cool to be Canadian® Corp.

Cool to be Canadian® is a private, federally chartered non-profit organization devoted to encouraging Canadians - particularily young ones - to volunteer, participate, invent, create and generally have fun celebrating our diversity as Canadians.

Cool to be Canadian® Federal Charter

With the main Communications Office in Montreal, and looking to establish 12 Cool to be Canadian branch offices in the remaining 9 provinces and 3 territories (total of 13 branches), each of the CTBC branches will exist to promote and recognize local community volunteerism and provide tools to increase productivity and effectiveness - building social capital and increasing citizen participation.

NO Deep integration! Support the efforts of Vive le Canada to stop deep integration with the U.S. and alert Canadians to the loss of our independence!

The Cool Corps Organizational Grid

  1. Promoting and Representing Regional Volunteerism and Recognizing Individuals in the Community
  2. Providing Volunteer Management Tools to increase Productivity and Effectiveness of Local Non-Profits
  3. Providing Recycled Computer Equipment to Non-Profits
  4. The Cool Corps.
  5. The Cool Parol.
  6. The Volunteer Impact software.
  7. The SWOT Team.
  8. E-Medics.com

1.) Promoting and Representing Regional Volunteerism
and Recognizing Individuals in the Community

a.) Local Cool to be Canadian® Recognition Events, Awards and Certificates will reward active volunteers for participation in increasing the quality of Canadian life. Cool Parades

b.) Recruiting local "Cool Corps." volunteer reservists will identify individuals interested in protecting their day-to-day community values and investing their time to gain on-the-job experience.

Download the popular (but large) Cool to be Canadian Video from the Olympics

2.) Providing Volunteer Management Tools to increase
Productivity and Effectiveness of Local Non-Profits

Canada lost 1,000,000 volunteers between 1997 and 2000 and Cool to be Canadian & Volunteer2 are going to get them back!

a.) Provide access to Cool to be Canadian® Volunteer Impact volunteer management software, used to network, develop and attract a committed pool of volunteers for each member non-profit.

b.) "SWOT Team" volunteer management consultants, assisting non-profits in planning and developing successful management strategies and innovative, differentiated services. Concentrating on effective recruiting, recognition and retention as well as the productive use of limited resources.

3.) Providing Recycled Computer Equipment
to Non-Profits

It's Cool to be Canadian on National Flag Day, February 15th!
In celebration of the 40th anniversary of our distinctive white and red maple leaf flag design, Dell Canada has joined Cool to be Canadian to say: “It's Cool to Recycle”

Cool to be Canadian non-profit and its sponsor Dell Canada are looking for citizens to visit the Aucun Ordi Perdu website and learn more about how their old computers should be put to rest and good ones put in the hands of non-profit organizations.

When Canadians see their flag today,(and every day) remember that our responsibility as citizens is to protect the country and beautiful environment it represents.

To learn more about how you can participate, visit www.AucunOrdiPerdu.ca

“Cool Hardware for Warm Hearts” (Hardware for Hearts)
a.) Cool to be Canadian arranges for refurbished, updated, computer work stations to be given to local non-profits with the purpose of eliminating resources "wasted" on technology, and increased focus on the provision of community services.

b.) The technical assistance volunteers of E-Medics.com assist in resolving technology problems and setting up hardware and software in non-profit offices.

The Cool to be Canadian Team:

The Cool Corps.
Originally introduced at the Withinsight Student Leadership Conference in Ottawa, the Corps idea is based on Cool to be Canadian's experiences during the Manitoba floods and Eastern Ice Storm. The Cool Corps intends to harmonize and enhance the Canadian experience, providing an effective avenue for established and new Canadians to gain respect and acceptance in Canadian society. In times of crisis, disaster relief or any need to mobilize Canadians, the Cool Corps reflects our collective willingness to help each other.

The Cool Patrol - Young Canadians can become members of the Cool Patrol if they believe in their communities, and support the principles of "Be, Buy, Boost Canadiantm".
1 BE Yourself (build your self-esteem and confidence)
2 BUY from your neighbours (and stimulate your local economy)
3 BOOST other Canadians (support and encourage risk-takers and community-building entrepreneurs)

Unlike the "Shop Canadian" and other weak "Top Down" efforts of the past (which primarily influenced Tourists looking for authentic Canadian-Made items, and had little effect on every-day Canadian consumer habits) the Be, Buy, Boost program, managed and operated by young Canadians, is a grass-roots movement to help consumers (their peers, parents and new immigrants ) make informed buying decisions directly related to maintaining healthy, successful communities. 3-B will help young Canadians to re-build their home communities, participate in stimulating local job growth and create new "home-grown" opportunities for all Canadians.

The Volunteer Impact software.
Not For Profit Software from Volunteer Impact. Individuals can sign up for new volunteer jobs, view their volunteer schedule, let a local Volunteer Manager know when they are available and log their volunteer hours. Individuals use www.MyVolunteerPage.com to join, and the regional Cool to be Canadian Branch Offices help match and coordinate volunteer recruitment. Backgrounder

The SWOT Team.
Management consultants helping non-profits with the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) of their organization. The initial SWOT Team is comprised of MBA's from HEC Montréal. Regional teams from local business schools will be added as the branch offices are established.

E-Medics is the technology assistance arm of Cool to be Canadian Corp. in a recycling partnership with AucunOrdiPerdu . Computer components donated to Cool to be Canadian are recycled, refurbished or redistributed, and the proceeds are distributed to Cool to be Canadian projects. The plan is that each quarter, Computer Work Stations, which typically include a Computer, Monitor, Scanner and Printer are donated to eligible members. If software or NFP set-up assistance is required, the local E-Medics.com team is dispatched.


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Cool to be Canadian, a non-profit group dedicated to boosting the image of Canadians in Canada

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